Saturday, December 1, 2012

Three Of My Favourite Things

Continuing with Christmas Countdown...
As we prepare our 'wish list'
for Santa
I became very aware of all
I do have and just how grateful
I am for the many useful
tools and gadgets I have just here at my desk, 

I am able count THREE
awesome, clever things.
They are also my fav colour, GREEN!

My mini-dachshund desktop pal

It's a pen

My mini-iPad 

so very useful and handy with the flip top case too.

And Fred

I never knew just how much I needed Fred

With his pointy teeth that reach
all those hard to reach places.

I love Fred

He is my back scratching pal!

Today's 'In Post' reading material.
I love her expression and those brilliantly
crimson glasses!

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