Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just Today

I finally found my robot necklace.
Had been looking for this for a few months.
And then tonight, I was inspired
to doodle the following
sketches, while
watching tv.
Robots, robot dog and penguin.

Pulled out fabrics to make something.
Maybe a lap quilt
or table runner.
These colours inspire a
french country theme to me.

Something for tea time too.

I like these flower prints allot.

Testing out my glitter paints.
I am in the middle of a paint projects.
I'll upload pics once complete.

No sure what I want
to make with this soft green yarn.
But I hopefully will decided for tomorrow.

And here are the wooden birds I sawed out and sanded today!
The other ten more are still incomplete,
my hope is to
complete this project sometime tomorrow as well.

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