Friday, February 22, 2013

Altered Sweater Dress

I absolutely love this sweater dress!
Its soft and warm, but the sleeves are awful!
The flared part make this dress
impossible to do anything in!
No cooking, crafting or sewing can be done
while wearing this frock!

So I have a bunch of charity shop jumpers
that need to be put to good use!
I plan to attach these sleeves on my dress!

This will make a HUGE difference!
The one important thing;
I'm using ribbed sleeve of blue jumper
 to replace ribbed, flared sleeve from dress...
Ribbed, they stretch the same way.

As you all can see, the width of
blue sleeve is narrower
than the grey.
So I will need to pin them snug.

All pinned and ready to...

I've removed the platform base
on the sewing area so I can
slip the sleeve onto
the sewing arm base, for a smoother sewing experience.

I'm careful to remove the pins so to avoid sewing over them!

I'm using a zip zag stitch too,
to give it a bit of stretch ability.

Done with one sleeve,
now the next!

No need to bind the edges, as the double seam I made
around sleeve arm will hold the fibers, enough.
If i had a serger machine, I might
serge the edges, but it's not really needed
for this project.

A nice enough finished seam!

Now it's ready to wear!

Today is a perfect day for it too...forecast is snow and rain,

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