Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Quilted Coaster

New day,
new sewing project!
Oh I just love the colours combinations!

After decided not to use
the striped fabric
I started making this wonky log cabin square.

I used all organic materials.
Cotton fabric, batting and thread.
Piecing was machine sewn.

The finished size will be 5" by 5".

Next I will secure the binding
making a nice edge for this

All snug!

The pattern I'm following (loosely)
calls for machine sewn, random line
across the top of this.

I plan to hand sew or rather
hand quilt this wee piece.
Not certain of the pattern yet.

So for now, I will let it just sit
and I'll return to it in a few days...

Once again, I used a pattern in
this book to inspire this project.
As usual I sorta change the pattern
to suit my creative desires.

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