Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIY Mini iPad Cover

Made a mini iPad cover

Complete with satin ribbon
satin stitching

and a wee blue bird

This way when I take
my mini iPad with me
I can store it safely.

First I drew and cut out
a wee felt bird

Then I had to match up
the colours of the felt bird
with my floss

Once I found matching threads, floss...

I looked through all my
extra bits to see if
I wanted to add any other
felt cut outs.

In order to hand sew the bird on
I used just one strand of floss.

Separating the floss strands.

 I first sew the darker blue wing
on to the bird body
using a decorative
running stitch.

Next I get the thread for
sewing on a wee eye ready.

Using black thread I make
a french knot for the eye.

Close up of french knot eye.

I place wee bird onto

And with matching
thread colour
I sew on bird
using running stitch.

All done

Back side reveals a small
knot that happened while sewing.
The nice thing about felt
is that its forgiving, not
showing this mistake on front side.

Using my sewing machine,
I attach two strips of
velcro with a satin stitch.

Then I seamed up three sides of pouch,
on sewing machine.

Even though I used a simple running stitch
with white thread, it doesn't
show to much.

All done!

Safe and snug!

OH! I use Fray Check to seal
the edges of ribbon
even though I seamed them too.
Double protection because
this flap will get allot
of wear and tear.

Ta Da!

The pattern for the full sized iPad
I found in this book, since I already have
a cover for my iPad
I needed one for
my mini iPad.
I altered that pattern

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