Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Soda Pop Art Pt2

All finished
Look below for the
method to this wee project.
I used crafting/Wasa tape to decorate
the inside cover...

just one strip of tape
for the front cover.

I had this great Eiffel tower
scrap paper, so
I cut up twelve squares of it
for the pages...

lined up the holes
and punched them out
using the push pin.

Using scrapbooking paper,
I covered a small recycled cardboard
I followed the same method
as I did with aluminium.
This is the inside back cover.

This is the outside, back cover side.

Now it's time to line up everything
and stitch it up.

I'm a quilter, so I like
using small quilting needles...

and strong quilting thread.
I like pink!

I'd like to add a bit of colour,
green seed beads will work great!

I like using the white seed beads to
top off the green bead, and hold it in place

All stitched up!
Front cover...
Back cover!

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