Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out and About on Belle Isle Pt 2

We came upon several
surprising things
on our walk,
such as
like this Quarry Pond!

And Rock climbing wall!

This isle is littered with so many relics from the past...

We walked out a bit on this narrow ledge
but decided to turn back once we noticed it only
led to the other side of the river.

A very old and damaged water grate
from the old Hydro Plant
that use to be here.

Under the bridge we found this dirt bike riding area
made specifically for the sport...

This old building housed all the toxic, flammable
chemicals that were used by the Old Dominion Iron & Steel Company

This fun building is the historic education centre!

We've come full circle now and are heading back
over the footbridge.

I really enjoyed seeing all the old relics from the past,
like this old train bridge.

And this old covered area from back when Old Dominion Iron & Steel
was still operating their factory here!

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