Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Effect of Government Shutdown...

After I left the Fall Fiber Festival yesterday
I found myself heading west toward the mountains...

and the weather truly was sweltering hot
in the high 90's near 100's for
an October day
this was overwhelming...

so the mountains seems a good choice,
for a leisurely drive home
especially along the lovely park skyline drive...

atop the Shenandoah mountain range
there is a lovely skyline ridge drive
and weather seems to cool down about fifteen degrees up here.
All was going wonderfully until...

we came face to face with this sign
and the harsh reality of the current government situation!

This sign was such a let down to see!
And I know the effect of the shut down
regarding my drive
is very small compared to the nations struggles
and individuals who are losing
money, because they are unable to work.
The reality of it all made me very sad!

So, the search for an alternative route
became my focus...
(story continues in next post)...

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