Monday, April 14, 2014

Surprise Gift In My Post Box

Look what I found in my post box!
This is from
 an online friend
for our monthly RAK
Random Act of Kindness

Julia painted the post bag beautifully
with a shimmer gold/turquoise/rust pens or paint.

Inside was...

A mini chip board book

an acorn chip board cut out...

shimmer spray paint

these and other gifts were wrapped up
in this LOVELY
handmade gift paper!!!

It is so wonderful too!!

the gift was wrapped with black ribbon
so pretty
I almost didn't want to disturb it…almost.

In addition to all of the above items
there was this sweet bag of silky
embroidery thread...

with gorgeous colours to choose from!!!

I love, love, love this mini book.
I've never seen on like it before now.

I cannot wait until
my class/school work
is complete
(five weeks more)
so I can devote more time into creating
lovely things with these wonderful gifts!

Thank-you so much Julia!!!

1 comment:

Julia said...

You are so welcome, Barbara! :)

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