Sunday, May 18, 2014

Youthful Tools and Parental Guilt

You might think I have
these crayons for my kids,
but truth is
they're my crayons!!

I own several Crayola products

I use them too...

I enjoy using crayons for various

Every time I use them
I'm reminded of my youth!
I don't remember glitter crayons though,
back when I was little.

I'm sad to say
I could not always afford crayons, the Crayola brand
as an adult,
for my kids
'in classroom school supplies'
so I bought RoseArt!
they were always so much cheaper (cost)
and my daughter reminds me to this day

that she hated using RoseArt instead of having
good quality Crayola crayons.

I must confess
I feel very sad & bad about that choice back then.

I should maybe have splurged a little!?


 I was a struggling single Mum back then

those were the days when Enron corrupt trading practices
 influenced power costs
which spiked my electric bill so high
(in So. California)
that I had to make seriously tough choices
when it came to household spending!

Shelter, food and transportation costs won out…crayons were not a necessity
in my perspective.

 I occasionally mail a box of crayola's to my kids
 accompanied with a coloring book!

Yes, my kids are adults now
I don't think we ever out grow
taking the time to just sit
and colour

somedays my 'parent guilt' just gets to me!

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