Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Postcard Art Swap 2014

These are the five postcards
I made
in the
One Stamped Image
Post Card Swap

Each card came with one
stamped image on one side
and we were to create something with
the image…

Starting from the top left:
'Tree Hugger' started out as a winter tree stamped in purple ink.

'Curious Wonder-Filled' begin as a partial, broken circle, black ink.

'Polka Time Fun'  was a clock face stamped in muted grey-brown.

on the second row, starting on the left again:

'Costume Guild Encampment' was a brown stamped dress form.

'You Are Art' began with a mystical dragon fly woman in black ink.

This was a fun swap!
I'll post another blog with more detailed pictures in a few days.

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