Friday, August 1, 2014

A Wonderful Day with My Son in D.C.

I spent most of yesterday
in Washington D.C.
with my son
who is on leave...

We drove around D.C. a bit
snapping a few pictures

The weather was wonderful
especially for a summer day
in July!

Once we finished driving around
we parked and headed over to
National Archives Museum

(Click on links throughout this blog post to visit ALL the exhibits I mention)

We had just finished viewing
Declaration of Independence,
 Constitution of the United States
Bill of Rights

in the Rotunda

I really enjoyed looking through the

Making Their Mark exhibit

Then we walked over to
 the Smithsonian
National Museum of Natural History

My son takes good
iphone selfies!

There were ALLOT of kids at this museum
ALLOT of noise!
Especially at the African Elephant permanent exhibit!

Hey look who stepped into my selfie!

The Hope Diamondin the Mineral Sciences Exhibit

Sadly, I had no gum for

Moai Stone Figure!

Now we headed over to the
National Museum of American History

We spent allot of time at this museum.
I actually remember going thru
Jack's drive-thru
when it looked like this!
Wow! I'm too young for memories
that are sparked by photo
in Smithsonian Museums...

This pictures above are from the

 FOOD: Transforming the American Table1950-2000

Click link above to see the exhibit online.

Very cool stuff here!

In the Flag Hall
(not pictured)

The Marine Corp String Quartet was playing

in front of

The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem

 We felt very fortunate
to have arrived during this
wonderful performance.

While viewing the flag,
we listened to live patriotic music.
It was deeply moving!

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the performers.
But I found

 their Facebook page

 full of pictures!
We spent a good amount of time

The Price of Freedom:Americans at War


Part of the Berlin Wall

Upon exiting
look what I spied
in the

Artifact Walls - You Must Remember This

Harry Potter stuff!

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