Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bookstore Surprise!

This interesting binding caught my eye
while I was spending time at
local second hand bookshop...
So naturally, I pulled it off
the shelf to look at it closer.

To my surprise it wasn't a book
but rather
a box!

A letterbox to be exact!

I was hesitant to pull everything
out, at first
but soon was so curious...
Inside I found a slew of creative items..

And a few descriptive accounts
to the contents and nature
of the box!

Even at the bottom of the box there was something to read!

There were so many references
I wanted to look into
but was so engaged with the boxes contents
I planned to snap pictures
so I could look up sites and information
at a later time.

People who had found this box
added items, notes to it
over the 10 years this
letterbox has been here in shop!

An original decretive envelope
housed the very first notes,
however, over much time
the box was brimming with several notebooks
and wee scraps of papers

I read everything!

So many interesting submissions in
the four notebooks left in box!
Poems, drawings, little snippets of times
gone by!
Accounts of mood, reasons why they were in shop
and many exclamations of joy
to finding this hidden gem!

I carefully put all items back in envelopes.
Organized all its content, and placed it gingerly
back in box.
And re-shelfed it.
I pondered a few minutes.
Should share this box on social media?
 I decided to blog about it instead,
knowing that people would not know where
the bookstore was,
so the 'surprise' of discovering this gem
would remain in tact!
What a lovely find!

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