Saturday, December 2, 2017

Treasured Fabrics

I attended a quilted art exhibit
where the wall hangings
were made from fabrics and embellished
with heirlooms from
makers families.

The details, fine stitching and absolutely
creative concepts
amazed me and many others
who were in attendance.

I asked permission to snap a few pictures of only
a half dozen of the wall hangings.
There were many more.

The ladies who shared their stories,
through the works they created,
were so very clever!

I spoke with just two of the quilt artists
this day, the very last day of the show too!

There are so many things I like about the works shown!

Many of the entries were so very creative!

But what really impressed me was
this wall hanging
and all it's amazing hand sewn details!
Very well made!!
Overtime I look at these photos,
I'm so inspired to create a crazy quilt
wall hanging using bits of old fabrics
from my family!

Just so lovely!

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