Thursday, January 4, 2018

Basic Tools for Punch Needle

These are my 'basic tools'
I use when needle punching.
Very sharp scissors, embroidery needles (not pictured),
floss and floss holder...

the purpose for fine pointed
sharp scissors
is for the snipping of loops
on 'right side' of work.
The finer the scissors are
the easier to get into small areas within the work.

Storage is another important factor
for keeping tools together and safe.
I found this antique slide box
at a charity shop
and knew it would be perfect for my spare needle nibs
and needle threader.

I like keeping everything I need
to start and complete
a needle punch project

Just the needles pictured here
with of course
a magnifying glass (much needed)
and plastic straw bits
to keep yarn punch tip covered.

I alway keep a few pieces of cardboard too,
for backing small/medium project
before framing.
Cereal boxes work great!

Just a few name brand/packages
of the punch needles I own:
Ultra-Punch: can be found online or local small shop fiber shows
Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool: can be found online &@ knit shops/craft shops
Artiste: found at Hobby Lobby
Rug Yarn Punch Needle also @ Hobby Lobby

I first purchase my weavers cloth from a local wool fiber artist.
She package it in zip locks shown here.
I now purchase by the yard,
but like to store smaller bits in zip locks.

I like how everything is neatly tucked away in storage box.
Of course I keep floss, threads, hoops, frames, and fabric
in separate storage boxes.
That will be my next post.

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