Friday, January 5, 2018

Punch Needle Frame

When I first learned of Needle Punch
I was at a local
fiber show. The owner of a small
wool provider explained
(logically) the basics of the craft.
His wife was away from booth at time.
He made this wonderful wooden frame.

I like how my little storage box
fits nicely under frame
when not in use.

I especially like that it pivots
and can be fastened to stay in place too.

The edging is carding strips
to hold fabric taunt
so it can be pulled
'drum tight'

Of course the corner don't have sharp edging

The red wool cover makes working
on frame nice
so hands don't get pricked by
sharp edging.

Even a small zip lock of fabric can be stored under frame
making it easy to travel with project.

The underside is the 'right side' of work area.
So when creating a punch needle
we work from the 'wrong side' which is
on top of frame.

You can see through weaver cloth
and the pattern you see here is actually
from the back side.

For small projects I like using hand held hoop plastic frames.

1 comment:

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

This looks like such fun. Something new to try!

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