Monday, January 1, 2018

Learning How To Needle Punch

This was my very first attempt (Self Taught) at needle punching.
I bought the needle punch at a local alpaca festival
Was given very good verbal instructions and decided to give it a go!
This is the right side of the work
When punching, ALL work is done
on the reverse (wrong) side.
I simply hand drew (no pattern)
a heart, threaded the punch needle
and began carefully going in one direction...
After the outline was done, I realised I didn't have
anymore of the same coloured DMC floss
so I made due with my spare stash of floss
and filled in the middle part.
Again, this is a view of the right side of the work.
This is the view from the back (wrong side) of the work.
I used an embroidery hoop that had a lip on it,
so it did not slip while I was punching.
This was the second project I made.
When I bought the needle punch I learned that
I could take a class from the owner.
This was from that class, using a pattern
and pre-selected floss.
All works are done on Weavers Cloth
I used a special frame to work this project.
The edges are lined with very sharp, metal
'velcro' like grips. Actually it's the stuff on a carding brush, for fibers.
This is view of the wrong side of project
and using the special frame, pulling fabric 'drum tight'
really helps with keeping punching even and steady.
Once finished I pull off frame, cut around project
leaving about an inch and a half margin
then I turn to back side
and whip stitch to back of project.
I found this great little frame at a charity shop
and decided to attach it to the front of the glass.
I think it worked out great!
This was my third attempt to continue needle punching.
I drew 'Maryland' out on the weavers cloth, stretched it
onto the frame and began using DMC floss
I thought would work best...
Because I decided to use a smaller piece of the weavers cloth
I had to attach it to a few smaller pieces of muslin cloth
so it would fit on my frame.
After completing all the punching,
I tried the fabric, turned under and did
a whip stitch to attach to back on work.

Found this great frame at the same charity shop as before.
This time I mounted the work UNDER the glass
to keep it from collecting dust.

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