Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The quiet of winter...

I love the coolness in the air.
When nights are cold and beds are warm.
Snuggling beneath handmade blankets.
Hands busily knitting scarves and socks.
Warm beverages delighting taste buds.
What splendid pleasures these are,
in the quiet of winter.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 days till Christmas...

Where has this year gone?
Wasn't it just spring time?

As the seasons change, so do plans.

An update: I'm NOT moving.
Staying put, here in lovely Carlsbad.

Michelle is off to Florida, Key West, for holiday.
Michael looking for a job, while finishing up his senior year.
I'm trying to make sense of a few new, unexpected developments.

I'll be looking for a new line of work, shortly.
I've enjoyed teaching.
However, what with my son nearing the end of senior year in high school.
I don't need to have same school schedule as his, any longer.
In addition; Recession has influenced the steadiness of my teaching job, or sadly, it will/may very soon.

For now, I'm managing.

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