Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Decided to decorate a little differently this year!

Adding silly items that have heartfelt meaning to me!

And you know I really do like this sort of silliness!

A cute reminder of
 March on Washington
January 2017
That I took part of!

A tree topper I drew, sawed out (from wood plank) painted from back in 1990's!
The wooden heart I made in 2012.

Little but full of love!!!

And to think I wasn't even going to pull out this little tree
this year!!!

Christmas Eve, crocheting while listening to
holiday music (loudly)
making a bunch of squares
for a blanket,
 for chemo patients
I'll be donating in January to local hospital.
I only made five square Christmas eve!
I have 15 more to make!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bookstore Surprise!

This interesting binding caught my eye
while I was spending time at
local second hand bookshop...
So naturally, I pulled it off
the shelf to look at it closer.

To my surprise it wasn't a book
but rather
a box!

A letterbox to be exact!

I was hesitant to pull everything
out, at first
but soon was so curious...
Inside I found a slew of creative items..

And a few descriptive accounts
to the contents and nature
of the box!

Even at the bottom of the box there was something to read!

There were so many references
I wanted to look into
but was so engaged with the boxes contents
I planned to snap pictures
so I could look up sites and information
at a later time.

People who had found this box
added items, notes to it
over the 10 years this
letterbox has been here in shop!

An original decretive envelope
housed the very first notes,
however, over much time
the box was brimming with several notebooks
and wee scraps of papers

I read everything!

So many interesting submissions in
the four notebooks left in box!
Poems, drawings, little snippets of times
gone by!
Accounts of mood, reasons why they were in shop
and many exclamations of joy
to finding this hidden gem!

I carefully put all items back in envelopes.
Organized all its content, and placed it gingerly
back in box.
And re-shelfed it.
I pondered a few minutes.
Should share this box on social media?
 I decided to blog about it instead,
knowing that people would not know where
the bookstore was,
so the 'surprise' of discovering this gem
would remain in tact!
What a lovely find!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Treasured Fabrics

I attended a quilted art exhibit
where the wall hangings
were made from fabrics and embellished
with heirlooms from
makers families.

The details, fine stitching and absolutely
creative concepts
amazed me and many others
who were in attendance.

I asked permission to snap a few pictures of only
a half dozen of the wall hangings.
There were many more.

The ladies who shared their stories,
through the works they created,
were so very clever!

I spoke with just two of the quilt artists
this day, the very last day of the show too!

There are so many things I like about the works shown!

Many of the entries were so very creative!

But what really impressed me was
this wall hanging
and all it's amazing hand sewn details!
Very well made!!
Overtime I look at these photos,
I'm so inspired to create a crazy quilt
wall hanging using bits of old fabrics
from my family!

Just so lovely!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Fruit Goodness!

Summer Fresh Fruit Smoothies!

I've decided to make
fresh fruit smoothies
every morning this summer...

With my favourite hot tea!
*Tea company is from Hawaii*

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer Days & Nights

At the very start of summer season I was able to sit out
on the patio for breakfast!

The cool breeze allowed for a very pleasant morning ritual
of coffee, fruit and lots of water!

  Once warmer days began, 
I could only sit on patio during the evening.

with the soft light of candles 
and 'Pinky' by my side
summer evenings have been
a steady joy!

*Pinky is my soprano Ukulele, btw :)

Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Little Extra Crochet...just in case!

I found this cute doll for my grand daughter
she had no panties!
So I crocheted her a yellow pair...

Then I realised she needed a pair of shorts
So I crocheted her a pair of lavender ones...

I then remembered that my daughter
told me
my grand daughter liked to
put her babies down for naps
so I crocheted a wee blanket and pillow...

I love how I simply intended to
send this wee dolly to my grand daughter
but quickly realised
I needed to
create a few
just in case.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Where Do They Get That From?

                       At a young age I learned that laughter promoted good health!

Later in my late teens, 
I lost my father.

I adopted a healthier life style that involved 
good eating, aerobic exercises, yoga, meditation


Lots of it!

I'm happy that not only did this make me happy, 
but others as well.

Influencing my own two kids.


My kids on Mother's Day several years back.
I simply wished for a nice picture of all three of us.
Instead I got the BEST pictures/selfies EVER...
I remember saying
"oh please smile you two"

And I just decided to join in!

And Memories!

As i'm getting older
I look back at these moments
and find such joy in remembering just how
blissful our days were
 filled with laughter and so much love!

And now,

as a

My children are happy adults and embrace silliness.

The one thing
(well two actually)
things that make my heart sore...
knowing (and seeing)
this silliness legacy
passed along to my grandkids!!

And even when apps aren't used, there is silliness!!!

My grand son sporting a nice stash and beard!

My grandson in the 'infant'
stage of
stash and beard!

My grand daughter
I love that she (my daughter)
uses these silly apps with funny faces..

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