Monday, November 17, 2008

Changing with the season...
As the leaves fall from trees and the daylight grows
shorter, I too have opted for a change.

In just a few weeks I shall be moving.
With this change a way of living will no longer exist.
A new adventure will begin.

I'm fearful and nervous.

I don't know how things will turn out.

What will the future hold? I'm curious and
just a little reluctant too, to find out.

Letting go and moving on has it's ups and downs.
The ride will start soon, or perhaps it has already!

Oh the trees are so lovely in all it's stages of life.
Full of beauty, colour and purpose.
And in the quiet time, when season goes to renewal.
The barren tree is most exposed and vulnerable.
Interestingly, I'm worried about vulnerable.
Too often, in the past I have been used and hurt.

So, I choose to sit here, quietly, contemplating what
my next "move" will be.

Oh the beauty of fall!

Voting Day 2008

Electing a new President is always exciting.
However, this voting season was very special for me personally.
Both my children voted along side of me. My eldest daughter and I have voted for a few years together, much happiness there.
And now my youngest has turned voting age and participated with us.

Not only a historic value, in voting this time around, but a new family first too.

I'm very proud of both my kids. They researched all on their own, voting in a fashion that suited their hopes and dreams. What a wonderful moment for me, as their Mother.

This is us before voting!

Michael rocking the vote for the first time!

Michelle being silly as usual.

Check out our stickers...we voted!
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