Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Visitor in the Garden!

When going out
to mow...

A wee turtle was found.

We quickly picked it up
and examined it.

Wanting to keep
Turtle safe,
we placed it in 
the enclosed porch, 
while we mowed.

We provided a bunch of 
freshly picked 

while Turtle waited.

At first Turtle didn't want any lettuce.

But, after a few minutes
Turtle was ready for his snack!

He was safely returned to garden 
where he happily 
explored the area,
before leaving for greener pastures!


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Creating Garden Items:

Mending, Painting, Recycling...
Recently mended
painted bird feeder
Hope this tidy-up
will increase 
longevity of feeder!
Created Bird Feeder
Recycled Water Container

Hung-up along fencing

Found branches locally
and cut them up using
garden snips
Using HOT glue gun
(high temp)
I attached branches to container
With boxcutter blade
and X-acto knife
I made four window openings
(two only shown in pictures)
Next Garden Project:
Recycled Fairy Houses
From scrap cardboard
(cereal boxes & packaging)

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