Friday, March 30, 2012

Got Loft Keys Today

Love the windows in the new place!
This is the 'bedroom' area.
You can see the black stairs to the roof  top patio, just to the left.
Roof top patio.
South side of the loft.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Moving...again!

As of 1 April I'll be calling this home sweet home...
the only 'small' space here is the narrow galley kitchen, but with all the windows
I'll not notice it's size. :)
Silly mail art for my daughter.
She is pregnant and we're planning an 'under the sea' baby shower...
Even in my doodles I'm thinking 'under the sea'.
Glorious Spring has Sprung!
Happy Spring!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

My daily craft

This is my work in progress on a crocheted baby blanket for my daughter.
She will make me a Nana in August.
My first grandchild :)
Under this "work in progress: blanket are a few other 'daily' projects:
Granny Square a Day.
Crocheted Birdie a Day.
Various other stuffed crocheted dolls in the works.
I've started working my granny squares in solid colours now.
Have only managed to crochet blue birds so far.
A close-up of the shell stitch crocheted baby blanket.
And yummy left overs from Saturday's holiday cooking.
Corned beef, cabbage and potato!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Inspiring Space!

Finally finished culling through all my art/craft/sewing supplies.
This is the first picture from my panorama series, starting as I stand in the middle of
my art room circling round to the right...
All my art supplies on first shelf, next all my art related books and third shelf, jewelry supplies.
A sneak peak of sewing table to the rights, and far left, my desk...
Sewing table.
All my patterns are under the table in Joanne's fabric bags.
 Recycled cloth & stuff under in bin.
Notions shelf. Buttons, irons, fushable web, art cloth dolls,
sock dolls. Cross stitch, felting supplies,
Thread, binding, elastic, needles, scissors, snaps...
Recycled clothes, baskets of material.
Boxes of felt,
costumes (finished & works in progress)
My heat and seal sits utop
of my rubber stamp/printing supplies cart.
Femo/clay art supplies, carving supplies.
I miss my friend from all around the world!
When I look at this, it reminds me I'm not alone.
Ummm, I still own allot of bags.
 And this is AFTER I culled through and tossed about two dozen.
Paints organized!
Art corner. My work and my Mum's stuff.
I miss her allot!
My desk. Normally my computer isn't sitting on it.
I keep it on the wire rack just next to desk.
Better shot of my fabric,
recycled clothing stash,
and a hint of my collection of costumes,
starting far right.

I've forgotten to take photos of my multi-media supplies
 and scrapbook paper blog post.
Now I need to start creating.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sneak Peak...

I'm busily working on my art room. 
I have decided to organize it with a dash of 'spring clean' on the side.
Having only moved, less than a year ago, I managed to get rid of 
many, many, many things.
Surprisingly, I still have a good amount of art/craft supplies remaining.
My favourites...
coloured pencils, water soluble crayons & pencils,
 markers, paints, paper, material, felts, jewelry fixings,
yarn/wool with all the tools to use it.   

I love these markers. So colourful and lovely to use on many surfaces!
Magic wand would be helpful, especially while sorting through all
the scrapbooking papers and supplies!!
Sneak Peak post will have all the new photos of art room!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Craft.

What with the "spring forward" early this morning, I woke with an abundant creative surge!
So upon reading my usual blogger list, A Creative Dream blogger had a few great
spring crafts. These adorable clay house are just one idea.
Click here to see first hand: A Creative Dream:Clay house tutorial...
I love this next idea...

This is a GREAT idea!
Click here for the full view of her blog:
I'm hoping to make up one of these lovely magical moss lands sometime this upcoming week!
For now, I'm busy finishing up the reorganization of my art/craft/sewing room.
Hope you're enjoying your 'spring forward' Sunday too.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Full Moon Inspirations...

Full Moons are always inspiring for me. The energy that flows is, at times, almost overwhelming.
I manage to sleep just four hours total, if at all.
My mind is full of creative ventures.
Paint, felt, watercolours, yarn, crochet...the list is endless.
And then there is the online ventures; Pinterest, Ravelry, Rowan Blog...
So, I very often start too many projects, during the full moon phase.
Too often, I stop working on said projects prior to completion.
So, with spring rapidly approaching and the 'spring clean' mode.
I've decided to de-clutter my incomplete Works In Progress.
That is this weekends challenge. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow Day

Winter has only yielded two snow storms for us here in Virginia. Sadly, neither lasted for more than a day!
None-the-less, I had hoped to capture the beauty of these albeit brief snow days.
This is only the second time it's snowed here this year!
Aside from the extremely mild winter (here in Virginia) this light snow is the 'pretty'  type.
The forecast predicts that this will 'just blow over' by the afternoon.
The girls will be happy, they don't much care for the snow.
Whereas, I love the snow!
The dusting of snow on the trees is simply magical.
How each branch holds a wee burden of frozen winter magic!

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