Saturday, January 3, 2015

Paper Clip Hanger

Keeping with the 'wire hanger' theme
I tried my hand at making a mini
paper clip wire hanger.
not a perfect as this
Pin of it
But it's close enough to satisfy my urge!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Wire Hanger Book Holder

My first made item from
this year's Pinterest Challenge
which I started
because I realized I'm spending
hours LOOKING at creative things
and too few hours making them!

This book holder was inspired by
 this Pin

It is not a perfect match
but somewhere in the ballpark.
It took me less than five minutes to make
and I plan to spend a bit more time perfecting
in the future.

Happy Creating!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Retrieved Reverie

Happy New Year!
It has always been my habit to burrow when faced with weighty matters. Whether matters of the heart, pocket book or life's general 'bumpy road'.  

Some have viewed this 'process' of mine in varied judgement, mostly they accept that it's done infrequent enough to weight importance, when needed.

I've been burrowed a bit longer than I anticipated, these past several months. 

The reasons or circumstances are not important at this time but I imagine will be revealed through my artwork, crafts and the occasional 'personal share' posts much like this post here, in future.

For now, I am happy to be back online and swimming with creative thought. 

This year I hope to inspire, encourage and teach others who desire to either renew creative spirit or learn a new hobby, skill, craft.

Post style will remain as they have, however, one thing in particular will be different…I will be adding my YouTube channel link here, often. 

I plan to share free video(s) on 'How to' many of the things I  create.

In addition to this, for those of you who are interested, I will be conducting beginning lessons like: Drawing 101, Crochet 101, Cooking 101, Painting 101, Jewelry 101 and so forth, and will progress with these lessons, as the weeks and months grow.

So often I wish I had my Mother, Father or Grandparent to visit or call, to ask how they made something or to remind me of a certain process or procedure in creating.  Sadly, both parents and all grandparents are gone.

I am a Mother and Grandmother (Nana).

My time is full of wonderful technological wonders.

Gone are the days when writing in the family cook book to preserve a 'family favorite' was sacred.

Gone are the days of handmade blankets, from old worn out kid clothes. The handmade gifts that layer beneath the holiday tree or the lovingly made birthday gifts, crafted instead of purchased, not because of finance but because it was just what we did.

To this day, I still prefer a handmade gift over store purchased!

Now don't get me wrong, I do love modern technology too.  I treasure FaceTime and how close it brings me to my grandson, who lives on another coast line, far away.

It is my genuine hope that in my own little way, I will be able to create an online 'gathering space' here with my little blog, for others who would like to either read and receive the information I give and for others who would like to connect and grow in the creative process, together.

Please ask me questions, ask for help, if I've shared something, creative wise, that might be perplexing.

One of my daydreams is to have a creative space that others can come and enjoy. Where the tea pot is always warm and the treats always delight.

Won't you join me this New Year for some creative expression? 

I truly hope you will.

Happy New Year!

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