Saturday, August 2, 2008

Comic-Con(Day two)

I drove in. Much headache getting through the throng of traffic and sea of people.
Managed to find spot in southern parking structure. Yeah!
Then walked north the entire length of convention centre to door A.
I was lucky, by that, my job assignment allowed me to sit.
Volunteers booth. "HI. Did you bring your paperwork and a photo ID? May I see it please"..?
Erin, my co-worker, rocked. She kept me laughing when I wasn't keeping her laughing.
As for the time spent "working". It felt more like, a friendly get together, with my "own people" all of us... geeks.
After a short three hour shift, I was off and headed for the convention floor.
My work shift started at 7:45am. So me heading into convention @ 10:45am was early enough.
Artist alley once more, was my goal. Met two more artists.
Debbie Huey from Bumperboy comic.
And The Toy People.
I was happy to have completed my first task. Finding new artists to keep in contact through the year...with my students.
I had met Dave Pryor and Bob Rissetto from Inner Workings &
Emo Gonzales and his brother Chemix of at Preview night.
All four of the artist were/are willing to keep in contact and share some of their art and insights with my art students, through-out the upcoming year.
Now time for me!
Panels to attend: Dr. Who, Torchwood, Bloggers @ Con, Geekroundtable live Podcast.
Films to view: Citizen.
people to watch...booths to wander and in the end: George Lucas, Star Wars awards to animated, small film. After that a preview showing of the B rated...Lost Boys 2. Cory was there, Kevin Spacey and a room full of very tired fans...but we stayed till the end, which was near to 1am.
Now, I had to head home sleep for two hours and turn around to do it all over again....more on day three.

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