Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finally Finished...

After letting my fall supplies sit on my table for three days,
I finally finished decorating the dinning area for Halloween.

I don't have a fireplace, here in the loft, so I've decided
to make this area the 'holiday' space.

I'm planning a small gathering the first two weeks of October,
so I wanted to make certain I had everything decorated.

I love the colour scheme of orange, black, white and lime green!
I found these candle sticks at a charity shop for less five dollars for the pair!

I'm still not certain what to use the space under my narrow
table for. Hopefully this will work for now, a vase with silk sunflowers.

I had three sheets of window cling decorations,
so I used a few on this picture.

I'm still tickled pink, with this cabinet, which I found
at charity shop for fifteen dollars!

Now allI need is to put a few scented bowls out, make yummy
snacks to share and fill up the two-tiered dish with Halloween candy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall

With today being the first day of fall,
I thought I would change out my decorations
around the loft.
I found this cute project HERE
and I hope to start creating these for my Grandson
sometime this weekend!

My crafting table is full of 'nearly finished' projects presently.
The hedgehogs and log needle books were
from a book I started earlier, from a sewing
club that I'm in.
The wee owl was just a 'practice' project.
Continuing with my 'Wiener Dog' series 
I drew/cut out/and applied these dachshunds
to cotton and broad cloth yesterday.
This is the book, from my sewing club, that the hedgehogs
and trunk needle books are from.
The move out east left me with very few decorations
for fall, as I had culled out many of
my belongings prior to heading to Virginia.
I must create a few new ones this season.

Perhaps some bats, ghosts, crows and a few scarecrows!
Happy First Day of Fall Friends!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hand Stitching

Felt like doing a bit of sewing today...
Getting all my supplies ready.
I decided to make two.

One done so far...

My little hedge hog pin cushion!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My New/Used Chair

I just completely washed down and polished my new chair!

Found this great Ikea chair over the weekend
at a rummage sale.
Needed a comfy chair for my craft area. 
I'm finding that morning sun is the best light for me
these days, especially when I'm working with small gauge cloth and hand sewing. 

I also like that these slip covers can be removed so easily. I just washed/dried them on
delicate setting and the held up wonderfully!

I especially love that my chair was very reasonably priced, and that I can fill it up with fun pillows too!

Sadly the bottom cushion cover is too big for the cushion, I need to stitch or pin it
so it won't bunch up so badly.
Though I'm excited my big blue Ikea pillow fits on it so well!

What's nifty about this chair, is that it's adjustable! It has three different positions
it can be set to.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rainy Day

Here in Richmond Virginia, I simply love the nearby river...
especially on rainy days. I enjoy a nice walk along the James River
I was so happy that this storm blew in,
reducing the humidity and crowds along the river.
By the time I clicked this picture, the rain drops were
falling at a steady pace.
Back home, near sunset, the neighbourhood birds were
up to there usual antics of perching on the distant power tower...
and swooping down to the roof across the street from the loft
to have a massive group bath in the earlier rain pool!

Roof top puddle party!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A few new projects in wood

Just today's doodle in colour
Since the move to loft,
 I've been reluctant to do much wood working.
I was so happy to finally clear away the clutter in front of
my scroll saw, and get to cutting out a few new designs.
After sawing, I will need to sand and prep for painting.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sharing Super Tutorial Sites

 These Mini Tutorials are AWESOME! 

Found this awesome tutorial for pendants here: CLICK
Re-purposed sweat/bag tutorial: CLICK

To See Full Tutorial Click this Link

Happy Crafting!

Found over at Atelier-cherry's Blog 
you may want to use your web browser translator,
 as this site isn't in english, 
however, the step-by-step
 photo's are wonderful!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Handmade for Baby

I was so excited when my daughter told me
she was pregnant, I started
knitting this white blanket the very next day.
Some weeks later, I crocheted this
 100% cotton wee multiple coloured cover.
I hand painted this onesie in the 'under the ocean' theme
that goes with wee lad's nursery.
I call him 'little squirt' too.
I started this top white crocheted crib blanket
early on too. Using extremely soft yarn (Simply Soft)
the blue/green/yellow 'mommy & me' blanket was made from
same pattern & same yarn brand (Simply Soft).
I love making my grandson hats, blankets, and so
many other 'baby' wears.
I'm very happy that my daughter humor's me
by using them.
Though, I'm not certain my grandson will forgive me
for the silly stuff I put on him (like this pumpkin top hat).
Love you wee lad, Love Nana

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