Sunday, September 2, 2012

Handmade for Baby

I was so excited when my daughter told me
she was pregnant, I started
knitting this white blanket the very next day.
Some weeks later, I crocheted this
 100% cotton wee multiple coloured cover.
I hand painted this onesie in the 'under the ocean' theme
that goes with wee lad's nursery.
I call him 'little squirt' too.
I started this top white crocheted crib blanket
early on too. Using extremely soft yarn (Simply Soft)
the blue/green/yellow 'mommy & me' blanket was made from
same pattern & same yarn brand (Simply Soft).
I love making my grandson hats, blankets, and so
many other 'baby' wears.
I'm very happy that my daughter humor's me
by using them.
Though, I'm not certain my grandson will forgive me
for the silly stuff I put on him (like this pumpkin top hat).
Love you wee lad, Love Nana

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