Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Summer 2015

So, here I post about moving 
and taking time away from blogging only to up
and stop blogging again!!!
I had intended to start blogging.

Then something happened...

But before I tell you my story please enjoy 
this picture
of a recent 
crochet project
I just learned how to make.

A crochet rag rug!
Made from old sheets.

                                  Now on with my story...

I hopped into my car and decided to drive from
the east coast to the west coast.
This was on day one

of my solo travels
 June 2015.

I visited loved ones in the very hot desert!

104 really is too hot for me!

Thank goodness for refreshing pool
and air conditioning!

I crossed bridges in the rain on my way to and from that hot desert!

I drove during the day, at night and everything in between!

I borrowed a bit of nature on my journey.

Sunrises mesmerized me!

Sunsets calmed me.

The smell of the Pacific ocean made my heart jump for joy!

Seeing palm trees made me giggle!

And the smell of rain comforted my weary gypsy soul.

                 Some may wonder why I took this solo drive from     
                                   one coast to the other... 

This is why!

My second grand baby needed her Nana there before
she made her big debut!

And I made it just six days before her arrival!!

Happy Birthday little lady!

And this too!!

My first grand baby needed his Nana too.

Little man spent many hours nestled with Nana!

                   Once home I returned to crocheting! 
                               Here are just a few items

Minion creations for Little Man
and other little fellows...

Minion creations for Little Lady
and other frilly, girlie stuff!

Crocheting for my grand babies
brings me so much joy!


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