Friday, April 1, 2016

Happily Moved

It's been far too long (once again) since I have blogged.
So much has happened in these past few months.
These pictures are just a highlight of those things...

Hallo my friends!

Spring has sprung here in Northern Virginia!

Love blossoming!
(My son and new daughter-in-law)

Storage units have been cleared out completely!
(Yay, we finally have our new place and can see our 'stuff' thats
been stored for a year)

Me heading into work
all dolled up.
Yay, make-up!

Sweet heart giving me red roses!

Grand Babies growing-up too quickly!

Taking a nice walk during the Blizzard of 2016

A little bit of paper crafting to ease the chilly weather.
(During Blizzard of 2016)

Pretty blue sky.
Freezing weather!

Last load from storage unit!
It's completely empty now!

New place.

New creative space on the first day!!!
Lots to do, lots to do...

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