Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Kitchen Window...

My window isn't fancy. It's standard size, The view from it will never go for a 'million dollars' . However, the location of it (just over my kitchen sink, southerly facing) is what I gather great joy from, each and every morning.
The trees just outside it, lovely in shape, size and colour, are an added bonus.

Rays of light stream into my wee kitchen space, just as the sun makes its climb, upward, over the neighbouring buildings. Warmly it (sun) greets me. Keeping company, while I wait for the kettle to heat up. Many an early morning I look outside with a renewed spirit, just because of this window! Warming my spirit, mind and body. Energizing me creatively .

At my computer, I sip my freshly made tea. I gaze at my window. Picking the camera up, I snap these two photos.

The stillness of this morning is not unique, or rare. We (window, sun and me) have many a shared morning, just like this. No, I don't think a window an organic, living being. However, I whimsically imgine, at times, that the window is just as pleased with me, as I am with it. And that the sun is friends with my window!
So, perhaps instead of a 'million dollar view' it's just simply; a priceless window.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creative path...

Well, keeping true to one of my resolutions: I've cleaned my art table off. Rooted out unused clutter around the floor of my table. Begun a new art project. I drew this one picture after being inspired by James C. Christensen's pen and ink illustrations.
I'm planning on using a black ink to set the image and coloured inks in a wash finish.
I've managed to draw a great deal in my sketch book also, however, this image just keeps coming back to me. So, I'll hopefully finish it sometime in the next week or so. Well that is, if I can stop crocheting...yes, I've been extremely busy crocheting bowls and scarves, in addition to making jewelry (bracelets). And if that isn't enough, I've also started knitting slippers! So, I think I'm keeping true to my one resolution, regarding being more creative! Only if there were more hours in a day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a day!

New year, new president!
Today marked an amazing moment in history!
I was able to catch President Obama's speech live, just moments after his
swearing in.
The live stream was a joint effort between CNN.com and Facebook and quite eventful, with many, many bloggers commenting on the events as they unfolded.
I had driven my son to see his teacher this morning. Sadly, I missed
the actual swearing in ceremony.
The pictures of the crowd were almost unreal!
Two plus million folks braved the cold to see history in the making.
As for the future, uncertain as it maybe.
My hope is that as a nation, we, the people become more
involved in our own financial responsibilities.
Lessen the "feel good" sensations of credit spending.
Moderation, moderation, moderation!
Less really is best. Simple living does not mean; doing without.
Just getting by, is NOT a bad thing.
There is more to "watching corn grow" than a boring ordeal.
The first one hundred days will make measure of our new President's 'promises'.
Yes we can; wait, watch and see...
I for one, will remain hopeful.
Naive? Yes, maybe I am. But I do so by choice.
Hope is never a bad choice.
But, while I 'hope' I will also make the changes, in my own life, that I wish to see in my community, city, state and nation.
Recycling, reducing, reading the fine print, becoming involved, and educating myself and my children. AND hopefully NOT repeating previous bad choices.
Responsibility to self, starts in the home, from within the heart of ones own desire.
My one concern/question is this: What is driving our new president's hearts desire?
Along with George, I remain evermore curious.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Putting an end to...

Setting my schedule for "others"
(In 2008 I gave too much time and effort for others needs, forgetting my own).
Forgetting to practice what I "preach".
(Advising others on lifestyle changes and then not applying to my own life).
Ignoring my creative desires.
(Too often I cleaned up after others' messy habits).
Not attending University
(I've made my sacrifice, it's over).
Financial struggles
(I am NOT the only adult in the house).
Unhealthy habits
(Youthful fantasies of "living forever" exist no more).

These are my "hopeful" resolutions.
In the past I've not been very stellar at keeping ALL resolutions.

I'll be happy to keep half, through 2009.
Perhaps this year will be the defining year.
Who knows, it COULD happen! :)

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