Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moving from West coast to East coast (Part 1)

The movers loading all the boxes we (good friends and myself) packed. Lots of work! Notice the plastic bins full of yarn. Hint: the clear ones!

The girls are groomed, crated and ready for road trip.
Kermit is my co pilot.
Left California at 9pm. Heading to AZ to see my sister for a few hours.
My sister's dog was very shy! After only a few hours sleep and visit, I must head out on the road again.
Arizona was very wet, north of Scotsdale. Most of my drive was like this, in AZ.
New Mexico looked very welcoming. The heat and humidity were tough though.
Good morning Texas. After driving 12 hours I stopped for a two hour nap. Woke to a Texas sunrise. Only 33 hours earlier I had left California, in the dark.
I took no more still shots until I arrived in Virginia. However, I did shoot video along the way. My next blog will feature my whole trip via video!
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