Sunday, March 31, 2013

Homemade Pattern

Finishing up my home made hat pattern
 made from fleece.

Click on link below to see
the very start of this project.
Creating Pattern

All done!

It's just too...
cylinder shaped!

Clever idea brewing under this hat...

All done now with
clever idea applied...

Gathered back.

My sewing machine decided to act up today too!

I may add a felt shape to the hat...

or simply make more hats!

This one is my fav!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Joy of Patterns

My next new challenge;
making academic robes
for ren faire.

Unexpected find.
Patterns were on sale at JoAnn's fabric.
$1 each in must buy 5 bundle.
So I found a few patterns
I normally wouldn't get.
Thought it would be fun to make a few new things.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Time

My Grandson is rather cool...

I love this sign!
I must make a similar one for 'Nana's Loft' 

Mornings are always a little silly
with the wee one & his mommy.

Snack time is serious business!

Little lad chatting with his Uncle...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Road Trip Diversion

I have always enjoyed wandering
about Pier One stores.
Love the cabinet colours!

Seems that peacock colours are all the rage this season!

I see all the glasses and wonder
just how many equals too many
for me to own ;)

I'd own so much from this store...
if it wasn't so overly priced.

Peacocks again.

I couldn't see using these but once a season,
but they are colourful!

I want two of these...

two of these too!

I'm always inspired by all the colour combinations
in this store!

I always think "I can make pillows myself, instead of
purchasing these" but then seldom ever do.

Though these two pillows really
do inspire me!
Yo yo's and ribbon strips!

Gorgeous textures!
I'd almost be afraid to use them...almost.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wacky Weenie Wednesday!

Ok, so the mini weeny dogs like snuggling
inside pillow cases.
Sadly they've ruined many, many pillows and cases.
So, I didn't have any available after their bath.
So I used cotton t-shirts instead...
notice her tail wagging?

Wag, wag...

still wagging...

her sister now wants some attention...

Attention gone, wagging stops!

Attention whore!

She want's treats now...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Craft Book Review

 Suzi Blu's book and video...
the video is 'boxed in' so seeing the process up close
is not an option on my lap top.
Suzi is quirky! :)
As for the pictures and instructions within
the book, I'm very pleased.
There are many projects to follow
There are many tips and suggestions to follow,
making this a book that can be useful in
various mixed media projects.
If you like making whimsical doll like
girl drawings and paintings,
I strongly suggest getting this book!
The book coupled with the video make
for many hours of inspired technique
and instruction!

I found this one at the local fabric store.
I used my 40% coupon with
my teacher 15% discount too.
Happy Crafting...

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