Monday, March 30, 2009

Baaa Baaa

Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it!
This clip is one such case!
Oh my gosh!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My drive home from work...

Most evenings I drive home along the coast.
I live within walking distance from the ocean.
Sometimes, I walk along the shoreline.
During the spring months,
I enjoy taking my time,
driving slowly home, from work.
What with views like these,
I think it would be a crime if I did not!
Hope your weekend is full of lovely views also!
Bairbre Aine

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wee Bunny Crochet Tutorial

Here is my very first Blog/online tutorial.
I hope you enjoy it!
Please leave comments, I really do enjoy reading/responding to them.
Thank you.
Ta~Bairbre Aine

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wine tasting...

Ok, I know I had promised my very next post
would be a crochet tutorial.
Please forgive me, won't you?

I simply didn't finish it. Instead, I went
wine tasting with a few of my mates.

Oh, what a lovely time too.

My friend and Sommelier, Michael, took us round to two wineries.
We had a fantastic time at Leonesse cellars, there in the barrel room (members only).

I was instantly taken with their 2006 Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon!
This is their (Leonesse) write up of this wine:

"Elegant and balanced, offering rich concentrated aromas of blackberry, plum and black licorice accented by subtle hints of vanilla and pepper. Aged for 18 months in a combination of small French and American oak barrels, this wine has a soft, silky tannins before a long and lingering finish"

Oh my, I must say it is all this and so much more, at least upon my pallet it was/is.
Michael surprised me with a bottle of this, for take home. I'm such a lucky lady too!
I can't wait to open and enjoy this wine, in the comfort of home!

We moved on to Baily's vineyard and winery, first stopping at Carols for luncheon. Where I enjoyed a lovely glass of Sangiovese. This is their (Baily's) write up on this wine:

"2006 - The premier grape of Tuscany now gets top billing. We've been making this wine for several years but have been calling it T.V. Red. A very drinkable wine with a fresh nose, great aromas of berries and nice spicy flavors. Goes well with hamburgers, steaks, turkey, goose, duck, appetizers, cheeses an dpasta dishes".

Once our yummy lunch was finished, we moved into the tasting room, where we immediately began sampling more reds, well in my case I did. I stayed far away from any white wine this trip.

Having had the Sangiovese at lunch I started with the Cabernet Sauvignon

"2005 - Good color, loads of fruit, and a rich, silky mouth feel make this a Cab to take to your wine snob friends. Made from 97% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Cabernet Franc, it was aged in European oak for 30 months. Only a few hundred cases are made each year and they’re quickly snapped up. Serve with beef and lamb dishes, steaks, cheeses".

Then next with the Cabernet Franc
"2004 -We've been working with this grape as a component of our Meritage. Aged in European Oak cooperage for two years, it has aromas of black cherry and vanilla. Try it with rack of lamb, roast beef, or cheese".

And finished with the Meritage

"2003 - Made from the best barrels of our Cabernet Sauvignon (58%), Cabernet Franc (32%) and Merlot (10%). Aged in French and American Oak cooperage for 35 months, it is a wine of superb elegance and finesse".

The Meritage was my favourite at Bailys. I sampled it twice, actually.
It happened to be my first taste, but I had forgotten that, till just now.
Happily I walked away with a stemware from our kind wine steward.

All and all, this was a most fantastic day.
Well spent with good mates!
Lots of laughter, grand conversations, and delicious food and wines!
Next time you find yourself in Southern California, in the Temecula Valley (wine country) pay these two wineries a visit. I truly think, you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Bairbre Aine

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crocheted bunnies and friends...

now where did we leave off?
Oh yes, baby bunnies!

But as you know, when there is more than one bunny around...

They multiply...

Now what shall I do with all these wee darlings?
I'll make them into spring time brooches!

Ohhhhh, I really do like making the thread bunnies too.

My next post will be a tutorial on creating the various crocheted bunnies.

Hop over again, for wee peek, won't you?

It began with Wooden Man being alone!

And I just had to do something about that...

So, I made Bunny Girl...

added a wee bit of magic...

and POOF, baby bunnies!


Friday, March 13, 2009

My silly corner

Do you have a silly corner in your living space?
I have a few.
Well, some folks, who have visited my flat
might say my entire place is a wee bit on the whimsical, silly side.
I make no claim to being a fully grown adult.
My 'kid at heart' philosophy keeps me silly.
In addition, being a teacher really fuels my passion for
toys and brightly colour bobbles & bits.
So, I thought I would give you a wee peek into
one corner of silliness, (if you click on pic, it will allow you to see, closer, my
wee treasures).

Now, I may teach, and I am a Mum.
However, make no mistake, these here treasures on
the shelf are mine, all mine!
My kids have their own ;)
Hope you have a silly, wonderful
Cheers, ta

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring forward...

In March, I always seem to wear more green than any other month.
Quite possibly it is my favourite colour.
So many other colours go with the many hues of green.

Today I met up with a mate, we chatted
over tea and puddings.
The usual chatter: men, crafting, small business ventures, costuming,
and wool shoppes.

Wanting to wear green and pink this day...
So inspired, because recently I made
a new spring necklace and bracelet to match my favourite peridot earring and ring set.
I was 'tickled pink' that I could wear my pink Birkenstocks too.

In a local wool shoppe I snapped this pic of felted bag.
My new 'must make soon' project.

Oh, we just lost an hour this morning too...
But what a joy, the sunshine will last longer, so I can make more
things :)

Happy almost spring!

Friday, March 6, 2009


This is me most mornings, setting atop my stairs, in the warm
sunshine, sipping my cuppa tea...

enjoying the lovely view...

However, my blogger friend Lucy, over at has inspired me to take out my basket of WIP granny squares:

So, this morning, instead of cuppa tea firmly in my grasp, I'm crocheting...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A school with a view

My place of employment is a joyous spot.
Much laughter, giggles, serious playing and the unfortunate occasional cry.
Either for Mum, because of an 'ouchie' or because another child has stolen
their much treasured belonging (usually a toy).
All and all, my job as a teacher, I find, is extremely rewarding.

There is much joy in being greeted near everyday with
cheers of: "Oh there is Miss Bairbre Aine!, Hallo Miss Bairbre!".
The river of hugs and pats and toothy (sometimes 'less') smiles that accompany
these greetings.

The downside, the majority of those hugs usually leave
my clothes with paint stains, dirt stains and the over all MYSTERY stains.

Our school is quaint.
Set on a hill.

I am fortunate to work the afternoon program.
Leaving me with my mornings at home.
Something I treasure a great deal these days.

I close the school each and everyday.
Greeting the parents as they pick up their beloved wee ones.
One perk of the schedule, the view!
And the sunsets are priceless.

I took these photos on two evenings, several
days apart from each other.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Round Two (Pay it forward)

I am doing TWO, Pay it forward challenges.
There are five people so far (four have confirmed by emailing me their snail
mail addy's.) So, there is one space available (perhaps two).
What I'm requesting from both groups of ladies is this.
PLEASE email me a list of your favourite:
Colour(s), season(s), magazine(s), children's book,
toy(s), and lastly, animal(s).
I have a good reason for such questions, I promise
to explain later...

I'm really looking forward to reading your responses.

OH, I went shopping at my favourite thrift store for wool jumpers and various
I found a gigantic bag filled with brand new thread, near 100 spools, for under a tenner!
Here's a pic or two of jumpers I found. Love the colours!
Can't wait to felt them and create something fun and useful, or perhaps
just silly.


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