Saturday, May 26, 2018

Heading West (Part 2)

After two full days and a half
of scorching sun filled hours of day time driving
I reached the fringes of 
Nevada (high dessert) and 
California (northeastern mountain ranges)
and a wonderful break from heat filled days of driving!

Temperatures dropped by 42 degrees
and more
as me and Subie drove further west!

That's snow!!!

And a wonderful rain filled day driving!
Subie needed a wash down
from all the dust and bugs collected!

Couldn't help but think of all those who
suffered so many years before
crossing over the pass
that is now named after them...

And I grow closer and closer to my
loved ones...

Arriving just in time for
My heart is full
as my loved ones enjoy their gifts
from me and my travels
across the USA
East coast to West Coast
In three days!

I wonder if he dreams of traveling one day?
When I was little, playing with cars
I dreamed of so many wonderful adventures.
And despite the how and why reasons
of this trip
my adventure across the states was a wonderful one!
And something tells me,
it's only just begun!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Heading West (Part 1)

It all began with walking down these stairs...

So it finally happened!
My biggest fear became a reality!
I'm officially homeless!
Seriously, I have no home!
No address.
No place to rest my head with a roof over me!
Nada, zip, nothing!
So, my fear fed into the only thing I had
(or so I thought at the time)
to run, escape, travel, go to a place I thought I could find permanency!
I climbed into Subie
and hit the road...
"Come out west, your family and friends are here"
they said...

Driving out of Virginia...
I thanked the trees for the years I had enjoyed them so!

Over the Potomac
Would this be my last time?

The river was full and flowing fast, just like my heart was!
I briefly drove through Maryland and on into...

Onto the highways and byways
heading west now...

Despite the fear that crept into my mind
the beauty I saw/experienced
was breathtaking!

The sun was warm and I was on an adventure!

The open road fed my spirit for adventure
fueled my fear at times.
Homelessness was now a reality.

I stopped for the night at an obliging rest area
some 10 hours after heading out.
I woke to these cuties...

Tried to find the comfort in knowing
that I would be ok
if I just embraced my reality without so much fear!

The surrounding beauty comforted me

My thoughts flooded in...

Homelessness is not acceptable
and being homeless now,
well, I was alone.

I began driving with a hungry tummy
but well rested.
What would my future be like?

 I worried and wondered.

I drove until I could not safely do so, anymore.
Another rest area welcomed me.

So many bugs were killed upon Subie's windshield!
But the sunset was lovely!

Rocky Mountain range in the distance.
I'd driven for two full days, and slept safely
in Subie
for two nights.

I was very grateful!

Seriously Wyoming!?! 
I'm gonna go my own speed
(which was slower)
But I kept moving forward.
It's been a very hot road trip!
Temps well into mid to high 90's.

This rest area was wonderful.
I knew I was growing closer to my destination!
After a quick wash-up
soaking my hair and body to cool off,
I snapped a few pictures of Subie...

in all her glory!

Subie has been such a comfort to rest in
and rely on!

Ok Subie
Lets hit the road again...

Heading West continues on next posting...

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Moving Sucks!

 Where to begin...

Nothing in life lasts forever! 

A sad, heart wrenching, life shattering end...

Moving month.

Huge townhouse,
filled with belongings,
 'his and hers' stuff
now divided.
Going to separate places!

Packing sucks.

It wouldn't seem so bad, 
most of my belongings have been in boxes since before break-up!
We moved into townhouse from storage...then break-up happened
just a few weeks later, belongings sat.

Spring came and went twice!

Crafty distractions filled hours of loneliness
once home from job.

Tangles got...

untangled and sorted, on the outside...

Many cold nights spent by fireside,
looking within, wondering
what I did and didn't do to contribute to this.

Passions of the ART
supplies had to be thinned, sorted, donated
and packed.

A lot of coffee was consumed.
Pain reliever was (almost) a daily thing.
And LOTS of packing tape.

Boxes were filled...

Favorites were displayed until the very end

Some things had to go.
Actually A LOT of things went.
Too many to even think of.

His and her sides were cleared out.

Empty containers piled up,
only to be filled with discarded items
for the charity shops

I felt discarded too.

Despite having to face up to a very difficult task of 
packing; moving out of a huge townhouse, alone.
I pushed down these feelings of broken spirit and heart.

I kept working at decluttering my material goods,
even through the rivers of tears and bruises from packing alone!

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