Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Moving Sucks!

 Where to begin...

Nothing in life lasts forever! 

A sad, heart wrenching, life shattering end...

Moving month.

Huge townhouse,
filled with belongings,
 'his and hers' stuff
now divided.
Going to separate places!

Packing sucks.

It wouldn't seem so bad, 
most of my belongings have been in boxes since before break-up!
We moved into townhouse from storage...then break-up happened
just a few weeks later, belongings sat.

Spring came and went twice!

Crafty distractions filled hours of loneliness
once home from job.

Tangles got...

untangled and sorted, on the outside...

Many cold nights spent by fireside,
looking within, wondering
what I did and didn't do to contribute to this.

Passions of the ART
supplies had to be thinned, sorted, donated
and packed.

A lot of coffee was consumed.
Pain reliever was (almost) a daily thing.
And LOTS of packing tape.

Boxes were filled...

Favorites were displayed until the very end

Some things had to go.
Actually A LOT of things went.
Too many to even think of.

His and her sides were cleared out.

Empty containers piled up,
only to be filled with discarded items
for the charity shops

I felt discarded too.

Despite having to face up to a very difficult task of 
packing; moving out of a huge townhouse, alone.
I pushed down these feelings of broken spirit and heart.

I kept working at decluttering my material goods,
even through the rivers of tears and bruises from packing alone!

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