Friday, August 22, 2014

Super Easy Knotted Bracelet Tutorial Pt. 4

A quick word on jump rings...

The reason I use these types of jump rings
is because they are durable!
Especially on
bauble, charm & dangle bracelets!
They will take a beating
and keep all your wee
trinkets & treasures all on the cord!

As you can see
they come in various metal tones too!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Super Easy Knotted Bracelet Tutorial Pt. 3

Now that we've learned about what cord/thread/yarn to use
lets move on to
the other items needed
 for this bracelet...

A focal bauble/charm/dangle...

A strong jump ring...

I use the double jump ring.
Super strong and wears very well.

Various beads...

Allot of these beads are broken jewelry left overs...

or from previous projects where there are only
a few beads left.

I also use found objects
like these glass crystals.

These beads are strung on head pins...

These are two types of head pins that come in various metals, lengths
and ends.
I prefer the long one, that way I can wrap the them tighter.
These items can be found at you local or online craft store.

Once you've got all your supplies together,
you'll need a neat work tray/space to keep it all together in...

Like this one...

I'll talk about tools in my next post tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Easy Knotted Bracelet Tutorial Pt.2

Supplies needed to make this bracelet

If you cannot find the cotton waxed cord
then there are three other cotton threads
that can be used instead.

Patons Grace 100% Mercerized Cotton is
the same gauge.

Lion Brand's
Bon Bon's
100% cotton
might work just as well

Here is a comparison of the 4 types of cotton threads.
(From left to right)
Cotton Waxed Cord, Lizbeths 100% Mercerized Crochet/tatting cotton thread,
Patons Grace 100% mercerized cotton yarn
 and lastly Lion Brand's Bon Bons (in green)

A closer look at the four types of cord/thread/yarn that can be
used for this project.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Super Easy Knotted Bracelet Tutorial Pt.1

I made this super simple
waxed cotton cord
knotted bracelet
in about an hour.

A few items on this
are either found objects or repurposed jewelry parts.

Button was on a sweater that
I cut up for a 'wool-felting' project.

Waxed cotton cord can be found at craft stores...

in various colours...

however, the gauge will be mostly the same.
Unless you go to a bead shop that has a quality line of

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Jewelry Making Station Complete

So these are the systems I use...

as they are now in my creative
artists loft space...

my goal is to clear the tops of all three systems
before the end of summer...

and re-purpose all the empty storage containers.

I do work on a somewhat
chaotic art tabletop
my supplies MUST be organized or
I can't function.

I'm not sure is these photos debunk the
Chaos & Artists theory
or if it supports it!

What do you think?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jewelry Making Station Pt.4

This is the last bead/jewelry storage system
I have.

Where I live there are a large number or artists who
live nearby. SO, when folks move
allot of time good storage/furniture gets
donated to other residents.

Lucky me, this was a FREE BE
the rolling computer desk.

I use it with all the 50 cent plastic boxes
filled with beads...
I categorize my beads by type & colour.
For example
All the natural stones are housed together,
separated by colour.

Glass/clear beads, same, colour and so on...

Trinkets, charms, baubles and dangles are all together.

Semi-precious stones...

Artistic or handcrafted glass beads
are housed together.

And keeping them all colour coordinated
helps when I'm in the middle of creating something
and need to grab quickly.

I even keep sequin in their own storage system.

I'm re-vamping this system presently
since I sold several batches of beads
I have to reorganize and re-purpose
the empty containers.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jewelry Making Station Pt.3

Once again, another drawer system
for my jewelry supplies…this one is
the Rainbow roller...

I use various 'dollar store' ziplock bags
and plastic storage containers.

I use these wee plastic bowls and larger ceramic
saucers to hold Work In Progress projects.
This way I can clean up my craft area,
if I'm going to put a project on hold for awhile.

More ziplock storage use.

Many years back
I was given a travel jewelry making system.
I didn't like the bag
since I rarely travel and make jewelry
so I took out the plastic containers
and keep them in this drawer system.

I use the bag for my art travel kit.

This is the Rainbow Roller cart.
I have 'lunch trays' on top
with various beads I've yet to store
and another one for project.

I usually put jewelry related things on top
when I either find, re-purpose or purchase new materials.
I'll organise them later, when time permits.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Jewelry Making Station Pt.2

This clear plastic tray was once
a display tool
for art supplies
I use to sell...

Now it sits nestled under my converted sewing table,
on top of a roller cart
also full of jewelry supplies.

I love how I can see all the wire in one swoop look!
Especially when I'm in the middle of creating something
and I'm inspired. The tray
has a heavy lid that keeps dust from collecting
on all my wire supplies.

This roller cart
was another charity shop find.
$8 about 3 years ago!
It fits perfectly under my converted sewing table!

I thought you all might like to see
inside all the 9 drawers here…

Drawer one
Drawer two

Drawer three is full of lost/found objects
and broken jewelry parts that will not be
mended, instead they will be used
for mixed medium work.

Drawer four

Drawer six is full of plastic
storage containers
and recycled dice packaging.

Drawers seven and eight have all my
ceramic bowls safely stored.
Drawer nine is empty because I'm converting a few items
that are stored on top of the desk right now,
into smaller storage
that will be moved into the large, deep drawer nine.

Overall view of converted sewing table
and roller cart
for jewelry supplies.

A most valuable tool
if you're interested in jewelry making.
I found this one at Harbour Freight Tools for under
They have this very same device, for $49!!!

I think you can buy this online, from Harbour Freight Tools.

Another invaluable tool to have
for jewelry & fiber artists.

Recent garage sale items
I found all for $1
Now I am converting them into smaller zip-lock bags
for compact storage.

These seed beads will also be put in zip lock
jeweler bags.
I plan to use these beads for mixed medium art supplies.

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