Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic-con 2008 (Preview Night)

Well, the queuing for an hour and forty-five minutes, to get my pass as a volunteer
was all worth it.
So much to see, so much to do!
I met some really talented and creative artists.
The crowd wasn't too bad, in the first hour.
By the end of the evening, Elite securities had to walk the aisle asking
people to leave.
It's now history, Preview night, and I look forward to day two!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A bit of quiet...

The chimes have an almost magical quality this morning.
Silence, gentle wind, birds chirping and chimes. This soothes me.

Happily distracted, these mesmerizing sounds transport me.
I float with each gentle stream of wind and sound...I am light as air.

Children running past my flat, screaming happily, about who knows what, yank me from my tranquil moment.

I glance over to my printer. In it sits a two page confirmation letter.

Later today I will enter into a different world. This world, known by many as: COMIC-CON.
The sights, sounds, smells will dramatically alter my present condition.

Inside I feel like screaming "Yippie yeah, it's today, yippie yeah".
Outside I press my lips to my very adult sized cup of coffee and simply smile.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update: Me, kids, summer holiday 2008

What I thought would happen,
this summer holiday, hasn't.
What has happened, surprises me.

I'm happy in both cases.

My kids are both working.
My son has now started his senior year;
ONLINE! Yep, it's high school online.
I'm happy about not having to drive him,
especially since I no longer own a car.
He is happy to be away from "drama"
at the local high school.

My daughter is back home. After my car
accident, she came to aid me. After
hearing about the conditions, at her birth father's
place. Well, the whole story about step-mothers are
all true!!!

I didn't go "back" to school, like planned.
Instead, I've been learning online, and taking
a few homeopathic courses. Working toward completing my
spiritual/medical/healing practices. After 24 years,
its odd to realise....learning isn't "done" in a single
discipline with degree or certificate.

I am having a wonderful holiday!
So many books, so many projects...

I have now been to Oregon and Washington states.
JOY, there are only; Alaska and Hawaii,
that I have never been to!
Then my wandering to every state in the USA,
will be complete.

Hmmmm, I wonderr what country I will
go and wander in next?

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