Saturday, May 26, 2018

Heading West (Part 2)

After two full days and a half
of scorching sun filled hours of day time driving
I reached the fringes of 
Nevada (high dessert) and 
California (northeastern mountain ranges)
and a wonderful break from heat filled days of driving!

Temperatures dropped by 42 degrees
and more
as me and Subie drove further west!

That's snow!!!

And a wonderful rain filled day driving!
Subie needed a wash down
from all the dust and bugs collected!

Couldn't help but think of all those who
suffered so many years before
crossing over the pass
that is now named after them...

And I grow closer and closer to my
loved ones...

Arriving just in time for
My heart is full
as my loved ones enjoy their gifts
from me and my travels
across the USA
East coast to West Coast
In three days!

I wonder if he dreams of traveling one day?
When I was little, playing with cars
I dreamed of so many wonderful adventures.
And despite the how and why reasons
of this trip
my adventure across the states was a wonderful one!
And something tells me,
it's only just begun!

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