Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My New/Used Chair

I just completely washed down and polished my new chair!

Found this great Ikea chair over the weekend
at a rummage sale.
Needed a comfy chair for my craft area. 
I'm finding that morning sun is the best light for me
these days, especially when I'm working with small gauge cloth and hand sewing. 

I also like that these slip covers can be removed so easily. I just washed/dried them on
delicate setting and the held up wonderfully!

I especially love that my chair was very reasonably priced, and that I can fill it up with fun pillows too!

Sadly the bottom cushion cover is too big for the cushion, I need to stitch or pin it
so it won't bunch up so badly.
Though I'm excited my big blue Ikea pillow fits on it so well!

What's nifty about this chair, is that it's adjustable! It has three different positions
it can be set to.

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