Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall

With today being the first day of fall,
I thought I would change out my decorations
around the loft.
I found this cute project HERE
and I hope to start creating these for my Grandson
sometime this weekend!

My crafting table is full of 'nearly finished' projects presently.
The hedgehogs and log needle books were
from a book I started earlier, from a sewing
club that I'm in.
The wee owl was just a 'practice' project.
Continuing with my 'Wiener Dog' series 
I drew/cut out/and applied these dachshunds
to cotton and broad cloth yesterday.
This is the book, from my sewing club, that the hedgehogs
and trunk needle books are from.
The move out east left me with very few decorations
for fall, as I had culled out many of
my belongings prior to heading to Virginia.
I must create a few new ones this season.

Perhaps some bats, ghosts, crows and a few scarecrows!
Happy First Day of Fall Friends!

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