Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Year Wiser...

I was happy to celebrate becoming another year (dare I say it?)...older.
Much prefer saying that I'm another year wiser, or, I've just progressed to another year of
new adventures ahead of me.
However we muddle about with the phrasing, fact is, yes, I had a birthday a few days ago.
The 'surprise' factor was being taken to tea instead of traditional 'dinner'.
What a fun treat too.
Tea at the Jefferson
Tasty Treats for Tea
Did I mention that a Clown joined us at Tea? Notice my balloon ring?
He actually made this for my mate, but I tried it on, cuz I'm the birthday girl!
There, that's better
So rich in taste, I only ate two bites. Yes, it's in my icebox still. I nibble on it everyday!
My pretty birthday flowers

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