Thursday, April 26, 2012

Organizing art space...

Seriously overwhelmed by move...
I wish I had a magic wand today! My new art space is nice and big and full of chaos!
This is the guest bed...I am determined to sort all this out soon!
Having moved in the middle of new class, I've had to do homework in the midst of chaos!
Movers dropped off one week ago yesterday!
My space is still in progress 26 April 2012
Just when I was finally done with my art space...we move! Again!
This was my art space area in my flat back in Carlsbad California, it was a small area
in my living room:
This was my space six months after the move to Virginia:

And then finally I was able to organize mostly everything (I did hull out some craft supplies).

Now I've got tons of space but the place looks like a bomb went off!

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