Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homemade Strawberry Cupcakes

My favourite summertime indulgence!
Homemade white cupcakes topped with white frosting and strawberries...To make these:
You'll need cutting/slicing tools. VERY important, scissors work best for the least waste.
Next needed: FRESH strawberries, washed and drained.
Grab top of strawberry top and pull off...
It will look like this.
Cut around the area where the strawberry top was attached, like this.

Once cut all around, pluck out gooey middle.
It will look like this...
Firmly hold the strawberry and sliced it in half.
Pull apart.
After all strawberries are sliced up, store in air tight container in frig, till needed.
Having pre-made a batch of white cupcakes ( I used basic recipe) A box mix will work
if that's all you have.
Add white frosting and top with cold strawberries. MAKE sure to store in refrigerator after made!
Especially during the HOT days of summer!
I like to store cupcake, un-frosted in air tight container and frost as needed.
A especially delightful treat at tea time!

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