Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Library Day

I love library day!
Not only is the drive there gorgeous but
the neighbourhood my library is in is lovely too.
This is the entrance to my library.

I drive through here wishing I lived just across the street, every time.
This is today's fun finds.
I picked up a few childrens books for art projects.
These vintage books are awesome!
This books look dated but great!
All these books were $3 at the Friends of the Library section.
The back exit is just as beautiful as the front entrance.
Weather is perfect tonight too.
I feel like a nice slow drive home...
I had to return one book to the down town city library too,
so I drove by the capital.
I have yet to visit this place, I must put it on my list of things
to do for next month.
The local county fair will be starting at the
end of this month too.
Fun, fun, fun!

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