Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More on Scrappy Notebook & Maymont...

I thought I would doodle a little on the front cover, with my Rapidograph
just to add a little 'bling' to it.

As promised, these are the final photos from my day spent at
Maymont Estate. This is in the Italian Gardens.
The breeze was perfect atop this hill spot. 
The colours and fragrant blooms were gorgeous.
There were many fountains, baths and statues on these grounds.
I love sun dials.
Italian Garden is my favourite so far...
This stone stairwell had two sides, the other was identical,
however, when I snapped this picture, the other side was full
of people walking up from the Japanese garden below.

The Japanese garden is quickly becoming my favourite!
I could stay here all day...
And if I had my easel and paints, I could paint for hours. So many
beautiful sights to see here!
This pond is full of Koi.

At the very top of this waterfall is where the Italian Garden sits.

This beautiful path lead us to the wonderful tram!
After walking several miles, for several hours we decided to pay the $3 per adult fee
and road the tram back to our car...

This was a view of the Nature Centre, from the tram. We were too tired
to visit it, even though the tram ride took us to it's front doors.
Next time we plan to visit Nature Centre and take the free tour of the Mansion.

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