Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Road Trip

I'm taking the scenic route, to visit my kids & grandson...

Virginia really is beautiful.
The country roads are peaceful
to travel by.
My two month old grandson greets me
upon my arrival.
It was my son's birthday this day!
Celebrating as we always have, at home
and together!
Awww the paintings I made for my grandson
are all hung up in his room!
Wee lad is tired from all the visiting.
He sleeps under his new blanket I
just finished making for him.

Time flies by too fast, time to say good-bye already!

Wee lad saying hallo to his new pal
that Mr. Nana gave him.

One last pose for pictures before I
head back home for Virginia.

Crossing the Potomac River

Homeward bound along tree
lined road is gorgeous this
beautiful fall day!

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