Friday, March 8, 2013

A Good Day to Paint

I decided today was a good day to prep
a few canvas.
Started with just six for today!

My painting area as seen
from my desk.

Recycling postal boxes
for the back stopper
on my easel.

Drying on the window seal.

Once summer arrives
this south facing window
will be too warm for me
to place drying canvas on.

Bubbles are a vital art supply for me.
Can you spot the bubble wand?
I'm called the Bubble Queen
by my many students
over these many years
happily :)

Loving me some colours!

I'm working on a glam girl
for this one!

Dribble, dribble.
This canvas is different than the one below.
Can you see the difference?

On acrylics I use bubbles to make
mini white bursts on the canvas.
It really works well too!

I've still not managed to figure what
next to do with this piece.

Adding a layer of colour
and then waiting...

I have a few ideas running through my head
for a series of paintings.

The yellow covered container is my wet palette tray.

Caught in the act!
Natalia climbs on Daddy's desk
nearly everyday, while he's away.
Today I caught her on camera!

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