Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crochet Book Giveaway!

I almost forgot to post this...
Starting 21 June I'm
going to have a knit/crochet book
All that's needed is to post a comment here
on this post,
about your crochet/knit experience.
You can express when you began
crocheting/knitting (what age)
what your favourite hook brand is or

size needles,
what projects you like to make
AND/or what projects
you really would like to learn how to make!!!
I'll be doing the drawing on 28 June...
One comment per person is all that's needed to enter.
Good luck!


l.m.b. said...

My Grandmother always did crochet - especially granny squares -so I have a real fondness for them. There is a picture in the foto album of all 4 of us girls in crochet granny square vests - circa 1968. So that was my first crochet item I wanted to learn. I have learned a little more since then with the help of some very talented friends. I admire Bairbre Aines creatvity - and I wish I could knit better. My holy grail would be any article of clothing !

Toni D. said...

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was in middle school. I was the only grandchild she taught before she got sick with cancer and emphysema. After she passed I stopped crocheting, but then picked it back up! I love Boye brand hooks and I love making graphghans and hats! My most recent project was a crocheted covered diaper cake for my cousin's baby shower. My next project will be blankets since my grandmother made all the grandchildren handmade blankets, I am going to keep her legacy alive by making the new great-grandkids blankets in memory of her. I am trying to learn how to knit, but crocheting is my passion!

Asha L said...

Growing up in the 70s I remember seeing lots of 'square' clothes - granny's of course! I didn't really have any interest in crochet then, but as I got older I was curious to learn. Two people tried to teach me by showing me what to do and saying "you do this, you do this, then you do this...." - it just didn't go in! So about 4 years ago I learned all the basic stitches from a Ladybird Book and then learned how to turn them into 'things'from Youtube. My favourite thing to make has been baby shoes/boots that really look like shoes/boots. I also make hats, blankets, washcloths etc. Until about 3 months ago I had never made anything bigger, then I saw a pattern for a granny square top and fell in love, so got the wool and away I went. Now I love to wear my top and people always ask me where I got it from - they're staggered when I say I made it!

Crafted by Bairbre Aine said...

I.m.b, Toni and Asha, thank you so much for participating in this giveaway. I loved reading about how you began crocheting, what motivates you and the heart touching connections to family & friends and what current projects you're working on! Since the response was a manageable number (3) I've decided to giveaway to all three of you! :)
Please send me your snail mail address's via my email: and I will send off books on Monday. Thanks again for playing :)

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