Friday, July 26, 2013

Organizing Stitching Supplies

Sorting Cross Stitch Supplies.

Before I start any new cross stitch project,
I sort through my supplies
and see what new threads
I might need.

I try and keep all my threads in numerical order.

Bunched in groupings according to certain brands
I like and use best.

I like DMC best.
Though I do have Anchor threads
from my Mum's stash.
I use them mostly for mixed arts projects.

And other crafty projects.
I store most of those threads in zip lock bags
for easy access.

As for my DMC Cotton floss in spools,
I like to keep them in plastic cases.

Once again, I find multiple uses
for all these lovely threads.

I use strips of non-sticky tape to hold
the ends of some spools.

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