Friday, September 27, 2013

Knitted Headband Pt 2

Well, that pattern so far is very simple.
Mind you, I'm not an extremely experienced knitter.
I've knitted for years, but I've kept to simple stitches.

Knit, Purl and oh now we increase!!!
This is simple enough,
by pulling the two strands apart,
now knit with each single strand (twice only).

One stitch using strand one...

Second stitch using strand two...

Ta I purl, and finish with a knit stitch.

Row completed, now I'll have to put a purl
between those
two purl stitches.
You ask which stitches?
The two center ones...
Now I'll refer to Christine Rosen's pattern!
Click for iKnit blog site and pattern by Christine Rosen

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