Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Knitted Headband

I was motivated to knit this
because my daughter
liked a few
similar looking ones
over on

I wasn't certain how to make this at first
so I clicked over on Youtube
to see if there were any video tutorials.
And there was @
What I really appreciated was that Christine Rosen
(the blogger/youtube video knitter)
created a print out pattern for the project too!
The pattern can be found under the video box, which will link you to it.

Christine's pattern works perfect too!
I made a mistake (myself) but will be able to cover it with
the flowers I crocheted, which a pattern
is also available
on her site, with the headband pattern.
iKnit's Blog Site
Has lots of other useful, fun tutorials
and patterns.
She really enjoys sharing her joy of knitting!

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